About NGD Clothing


Who We Are

NGD Clothing is a clothing line based in Phoenix, AZ. Our goal is making people aware of our wear and showing them the style and original designs of Nerdy Graphics Design. Music and musicians are a huge influence in our lives and consumer choices, because of this, our clothing is filled with urban and street wear connections. This influence does not define who NGD is, but the youthful and free-spirited nature of urban culture gives us motivation to express ourselves and make our voice heard

Our Bio

 NGD Clothing has been around for about three years now.  Terrance Kelsey is the owner of NGD Clothing, and is a graduate from Arizona State University. NGD Clothing was created to be a fashion line that expressed love, influence, and inspriation from hiphop culture. As the owner, Terrance ‘s aim for NGD Clothing is “to make a huge dent in the fashion world”. Terrance and everyone with NGD Clothing is dedicated to putting in work each and every day in order to make sure that NGD Clothing’s name and designs continue to spread and be recognized more and more. And with help from the “ NGD Squad” we ensure that “NGD Clothing will continue to make way in the fashion game, and no matter what or who tries to get in the way, NGD will only continue to grow bigger and reach farther every single day”.